I for Ikea and innovative

This message was on the back of the toilet doors at Ikea back in Switzerland. I find the idea innovative and very inspiring.

Diese Nachricht war auf der Rückseite der Toilettentüren in der Ikea in Spreitenbach (Schweiz) angebracht. Ich finde die Idee innovativ und sehr inspirierend.

ikea schweiz

it says: all about water

Since we use rainwater for flushing, it is possible for it to be tinted at times.

Our warm water is being warmed up by our sun collectors . For Hygiene reasons the cold and warm water is not rainwater. (people and planet, http://www.ikea.ch)


Hoping you will have a nice start of the week!

Wünsche euch einen guten Wochenstart!

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